Take Walgreens Survey – www.walgreenslistens.com [Win $3k]

Have you ever been to Walgreens? Sounds absurd right, like who hasn’t? Afterall, Walgreen operates one of America’s biggest chain of pharmaceutical stores. From filling prescriptions to providing almost every health care product, they have it all.

Started in the year 1901, Walgreens is about a century old. Being in this business for so long, Walgreens understands the value of their customers better than anyone. And the WalgreensListens survey proves that. If you have been regular to Walgreens and want to make more out of it, participate in this survey and earn a reward of $3000.

In this article, I will cover all the aspects and every detail about this survey, including an in-depth survey guide. So sit tight!

What is WalgreensListens?

Walgreens Listens is an official survey conducted by Walgreens Co. It is a guest feedback survey that gathers customer’s insight on Walgreens’ services and market performances. Good or bad, big or small, feedback surveys help every type of company to find their flaws and improve themselves. And, since Walgreen ranks number 2 after CSV, they are considering every possible option to be the best.

So, What am I supposed to do? 

Well, if you have given any feedback survey before, you need no introduction, but if you are new, you needn’t worry.  In a guest feedback survey, you will have to answer some questions and rate services provided at the Walgreens store. These questions are MCQ type and the whole survey takes less than 5 minutes. Every question asked is based on your last visit to the store, so no preparation needed.

 What’s next?

Once, you have completed the survey, you will enter Walgreens’ monthly Sweepstakes. In other words, the Walgreens Listen’s survey also works as your Walgreen Sweepstakes entry ticket. Since it is a monthly sweepstake, a winner will be announced at the end of each month. And if you are lucky enough, you will then be rewarded with a $3000 cash prize.

Interesting right? But all this after you have taken the survey. Here is how-.

WalgreenListens – Online Survey Guide

So far we have talked all about the survey, but now its time to step in the field. Follow the steps below to complete the survey-

Step1– To start the Walgreen Listens survey, visit the official survey site @walgreenlistens.com.

Step2– Now take out your recent Walgreen’s receipt and enter the Survey code, Password, and Time of visit.

Step3– Now click on Start to begin the survey. Once it is started, you will to answer a wide array of questions totally based on your last visit. Answer the question and click Next to proceed to the next question.

Step4– At the end of the survey, you will have to enter your personal information. This is so you can be contacted in case you win.

Step5–  After completing all that, the survey will end with a message. Well, now you have officially completed the survey. All that’s left is for you to win.

Before you rush to take the survey, I would suggest you to check the Rules and Requirements section.

Walgreen Listens – Survey Rewards

The Walgreens Listens Survey is a guest feedback survey by nature. Which means that it offers a participation reward at the end of the survey. As for this feedback survey, the reward is a free entry in Walgreens’ Sweepstakes. And, the reward of winning the sweepstakes is $3000 cash prize. It is the only prize the sweepstakes offers but its monthly sweepstakes, so ideally you can win 12 times.


The process- 

At the end of each month, a winner will randomly be selected. The winner will then be contacted exactly after 14 days of selection to verify their mailing address.  A week after verification a mail will be sent to that address including further instructions. After which the Winner can then claim his/her $3000 reward check.

Rules and Requirements


  •  To participate in this survey, you must be a legal resident of the US excluding Puerto Rico.
  • The minimum age of participation is 18 years old at the time of entry.
  • Employees at Walgreen and their immediate family members cannot take part in this survey.
  • The survey must be taken within 72hours of the purchase at any Walgreens store, otherwise, the receipt will be invalid.


  •  You will need to make a purchase at Walgreens to participate in this survey.
  • The receipt must have a Survey code and password on it, without that you can’t enter the survey.
  • Since the survey is online, you will need a smartphone, tab, laptop or PC with a good internet connection.
  • The details provided, including email address and phone number must be working.

More About Walgreens

Around the end of the 1800s, Charles R. Walgreen was working in a local drug store, saving money to own one of his own. In the year 1901, Charles bought the drug store he was working in, which set the base for today’s multibillion dollars Co. By 1913 Walgreens already owned 4 stores which increases to 20 in by 1919 and a chain was already began.


In 1922 Walgreens introduced malted milkshake, establishing an ice cream manufacturing plant. By 1930, The company was operating 397 stores with an annual sale of $ 4,000,000. Fast forward 89 years and today Walgreen operates in all 50 states of the United States with a chain of 9,650 stores. The total Worth of Walgreens based solely on its revenue and profit is 105 billion dollars. Now that’s a century of development.

Today, it might be second, but the race to the top was already started 100 years ago. And only time will tell, about who will be the best.

Contact Walgreens

  • Phone no- 1-800-975-4733
  • Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/Walgreens/
  • Twitter- https://twitter.com/Walgreens
  • Instagram- https://www.instagram.com > Walgreens

Final Words

The WalgreensListens Survey is one of their ways to beat CVS Pharmacy. This survey will not only help them improve and work on their flaws but it will also help the customers to do something better with the reward money. The Walgreen Survey can also be taken by other means via phone or mails but taking survey Online is the most efficient.

Also, always be honest while taking the survey, share legit information and trust the system. At last, I hope this article was able to clear all your doubts and provide all the necessary information. If you have any issues, feel free to comment and I will try my best to help.

With that said, Thanks for reading this article. God bless.

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