Value Village Listens: Take Survey [Get $2 Discount Coupon]

Value Village is the place to shop at a tight Budget as they have the best value for money product. Take part in Value Village’s official survey known as Value Village Listens and let them know what you think about them. Not only that, you also get a chance to win $2 discount code on $5 purchase.

So, go ahead and Grow with Value Village by sharing your insights on Value Village’s store and help them work on their flaws.

With the help of this article, I will guide you through a step-wise guide to complete the survey in less than 5 minutes and will also share several types of information regarding this survey.

Value Village listens Survey

Value Village is one place to consider when buying clothes at a budget. Being a Savers brand, Value Village is a for-profit retailer but helps several non-profit retailers by buying their products and items. By taking part in Value Village’s official feedback survey, you help Value village improve themselves and perform better in today’s competition. Using your candid feedback, Value Village gets a fair idea of the current market situation and can keep up with the trend.

The ValueVillageListens Survey comprises of a set of questions related to your last visit. You, as a participant, are required to answer those question in order to get your reward. The main focus of these questions is to find aspects that go unnoticed by the co-corporation and needs improvements. By focusing on the customers’ services, product quality, product availability, hospitality, convenience, and different facility provided, the ValueVillagelistens try to find its flaws.

Taking part in his survey is really easy and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the survey as well. After completion of the survey, you are rewarded with a coupon/validation code which can redeem further to get your reward.

How to Take Value Village Listens Survey?

Go through the articles once so you can understand the eligibility criteria and basic requirements. Already Done? Then let jump right into the survey.

Step 1– To take the survey, first visit the official Value Village survey site

Step 2– As, the page loads, you will have to choose between two different types of Value receipt. Click on the one that you have possession of obviously.

Step 3–  Now, A– Enter the 19 digit thankyou code on your receipt or B– Enter the 4- digit code in the middle of the receipt.

Step 4– You can also choose Spanish if you are not good with English. Click on Start after filling the gaps.

Step 5– Once the survey begins, you will have to answer a set of questions to reach the end of the survey.

Step 6– At the end of the survey, Click on Submit to finish the survey and get your validation code.

Rewards for Taking the Survey

We are well aware of the fact that if you are participating in any guest satisfaction survey then you are most likely to get a reward or get an entry in their sweepstakes.

The Value village survey rewards you for being a participant. At the end of the survey, you are rewarded with a validation code. You can use that validation code as a discount coupon on your next purchase by redeeming it at any of Value village store. basically, you get a $2 discount on $5 purchase. Always keep in mind that you have a pre-set time period to use the validation code.

Rules and Requirements 


  1. The minimum age to participate in this survey is 18 years old.
  2. You must be a citizen of the United States to be eligible for this survey.
  3.  The survey code provided on your receipt must be used within 7-days.
  4. You get 90-days to redeem your validation code.


  1. You must make a purchase or do a donation at Value Villiage.
  2. Basic understanding of English or Spanish.
  3. A PC or smartphone with a good internet connection.

More About Value Village

Value Village is the largest for-profit thrift store in the world. With its annual revenue raising over $1Billion, Value Village is also the most successful one. Value Village is currently owned by Saver, an international company which operated more than 315 stores throughout the United state. Value Village works on the same principle just like every thrift store, they sell second-hand products and use that money to buy products from a non-profit agency and donate a part of their income to charity. Doing so not only saves the environment, but it also saves a lot of money, helps several kind of people along with non-profit agency and let you have branded items at unbranded price.






Final Words

The Value Village feedback survey is designed to help Value Village perform even better. Taking part in this survey helps you get rewards in exchange for a few minutes, but above all that it ultimately helps those in need. The valuevillagefeedback survey takes only 5 minutes to complete and doesn’t have any special requirements. Be honest and specific about your reviews while taking the survey, always approach the survey from the official site, so you don’t get scammed. Also, keep in mind that the rewards offered at the end of the survey are always changing.

Well, that was all from my side. I hope this article was helpful to you. Do comment in case of any queries and Thanks a lot for sticking with us- peace out!

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