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It’s already bad having someone from the family hospitalized. There’s a lot of emotional stress already in the air. Handling the bills and the payment in hospital altogether becomes a tedious and hard to avoid job. Worry not fellas. There’s a good platform to help you in your crisis: ‘Thbillpay’.

What is Thbillpay?

Team Health’s Patient Billing Service Centre have flown to the aids of people by launching an online billing platform ‘Thbillpay’. It is a secure way to pay your medical and hospital bills both directly and through insurance claims, without any hassle. A simple process on your mobile phone and you can devote your attention to care for your unfortunately ill loved ones. It’s a user-friendly platform, carefully designed to suffice the needs of general users.

Why to use

Hospital and medical bills are often in hefty amounts. Transporting the same is a risky business. Also sometimes the bills are to be payed in a jiffy. Traditional payment methods do not suposup such last-minute payment flexibility. All the problems have common solution of Thbillpay.

Apart from being an easy payment option, also allows the users to review their payments anytime anywhere. Again this reduces the hassle of documentation.

How does it work?

Thbillpay accepts payments on behalf the medical services and hospitals. Needless to say the medical service provider or the hospital must be a client of this platform. So make sure you choose the medical service provider or hospital carefully before admitting the patient.

Thebillpay provides you with three types of payment option to be used as per your ease. They are viz, Payment through E-checks, Payment through Credit Cards and Payment via insurance claims. All the three methods require few common details.


  1. Account with Team Health and the 14 digit account number. You will find your account number on the statement you receive from the hospital or medical service provider.
  2. The Patient SSN number (in case of retrieving your user account number)
  3. Bank Details including name, account type, etc.
  4. Relationship with the diseased patient.
  5. General information like address, mail id, phone number.

How to get your user account number at the Team Health?

If you don’t have your user account number with you, don’t be discouraged. You can easily retrieve it. ThereTare three methods to find your user account number.

  1. Your user account number is listed in your statement you receive from your medical service provider or hospital, as shown in the picture below.
  2. If you still have any issues with your user account number, you can contact to your medical service provider or hospital. Also, you can contact National Patient Service Centre at 1-888-952-6722 between Monday to Friday anytime between 8am- 8pm ET and on Saturdays between 10am-3pm ET
  3. Another option will be to visit at ‘ and selecting ‘Account’ from the tabular menu icon from the upper right hand side corner. Follow the steps required. You will need the Patient SSN number compulsorily for this. Again you will find it at your medical service provider or hospital.

Steps for secure Payments at

Once you have got the basic requirements fulfilled you are ready to go. Visit You will get the home page as follows:

See that tabular menu icon on the upper right hand corner? Yes? Then click on it. And you will see all the three payment options along with other general things listed in the menu. Choose the one that suits you best and follow the instructions below:


Payment through E-checks:

  • Once you select ‘Pay by E-checks’  option the server will ask you for your user account.
  • Type your 14 digit  user account number and click on ‘Submit’
  • Now, you will require a good bank balance for this particular payment option. Make sure you have enough cash.
  • Next, they will ask for your account details. (Don’t worry it’s completely safe.) Complete the details and pay directly through your bank.

Payment through Credit Card:

  • If you select this payment option make sure you have enough credit card limits. Your hospital/medical service provider/ credit card company won’t be happy if you over use your card.
  • Once you make sure you good within the limit, select ‘Pay by Credit Card’
  • The page will redirect and ask for your 14 digit account number, similar to the E-check option.
  • Enter your account number and click on ‘Submit’.
  • The server will ask for your credit card details like credit card number, three digit CVV number (you will find it at the backside of your credit card), name on card, card type (Visa, Master card or any other) and the expiry date of your card.
  • Enter the information carefully and make the payment. It’s very much like paying for your online shopping website.

Payment through Insurance:

  • This payment option will require you having through knowledge about your insurance, its terms and conditions.
  • Once you click on ‘Provide Insurance Information’, the server will ask you for your 14 digit user account number along with information about the type of insurance (as shown in the image)
  • Click on the proper toggle switch and proceed to transfer the bills to the insurance.

Final Words:

As said earlier, ‘Thbillpay’ is an easy to use service, totally safe and secure. This has been proved by countless customer reviews. Team Health has set a record by aiding as many as 9 million people each year. This is all about ‘Thbillpay’. If you still got any questions feel free to comment below. We hope that you have a healthy day ahead!


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