Tellpizzahut – Win $1000 by Taking Pizza Hut Survey

If you are a regular at Pizza Hut then I have good news for you. You can Win $1000 by taking the Official Pizza Hut Survey called TellPizzaHut. This article will explain all the steps you need to take in order to complete the survey.

Tell Pizza Hut Survey is for everyone who visits Pizza Hut and therefore we urge everyone not to miss this amazing chance to win free Coupons, Cash or even Pizza.

Let us get started.

What is Tellpizzahut?

Surveys are the most common weapon for promotion these days. Brands have understood the phenomenon surveys play in attracting the customers and to maintain communication with the customers.

Tellpizzahut is a free online survey organized by pizza hut.  This survey will also help the consumers to enhance their knowledge of eating in pizza hut parlors.

Pizza hut with the help of this survey examines the feedbacks as Pizza hut never compromises on its quality and never fails to impress the customers with its mouthwatering tastes.

Surveys are favorable for both, customers and the company. It helps both the customers and the company in understanding each other. As surveys are not a time-consuming task to do so it becomes easy for the customers to participate.

Tell Pizza Hut survey asks the customer about his/her experience at the Pizza Hut. They ask the customers about their recent visit to Pizza Hut. It takes only a couple of minutes of the customers to participate in the survey.

They ask questions like “Did you love the pizza?”

Or “Was the Pizza served fresh?”.

Requirements for Survey

Before taking the survey, you must know about the requirements. Here are all of them;

  1. Make sure to have an active Internet Data Connection.
  2. You should have the receipt of your last visit to PizzaHut.
  3. Your age should be 21 or more.
  4. Tellpizzahut only accepts US, UK or Canadian residents.
  5. You should belong to the area where a Pizza Hut outlet operates.
  6. You can use your receipt only once.
  7. If you want to participate in the survey, you must participate within 30 days of your last visit. After that, the validity of the receipt to participate in the survey will be expired and you won’t be able to participate with that receipt later.
  8. There is also a limit set to the maximum number of times you can participate in the online survey.
  9. Ensure that your receipt mentions store number, date and time your order, amount spend and survey code on it.

How to Take TellPizzaHut Survey

You can easily take Tellpizzahut survey by following the detailed steps given below;

  1. First, you need to open the official website of Tellpizzahut. The website is

  1. After opening the page, it will ask you to choose a language you are suitable with. You will get to options, English and Spanish. Choose according to your convenience.
  2. Then it will ask you to enter the survey code as mentioned in your receipt. Enter the code without any space. The code is mentioned on the top of your receipt.

  1. You also need to mention the date and time of your last visit and Total amount you paid for your order.
  2. Then they will ask you about your previous order. For e.g.: what pizza you ordered? What pizza crust you ordered? Answer all those questions correctly.
  3. Tellpizzahut will ask you to rate various services from various range of satisfied and dissatisfied questions. Which will include quality, taste, services etc. Select all the answers honestly.
  4. They will also ask you about the hygiene, ambiance, environment, the behavior of staff towards you, your overall experience in pizza hut.
  5. You can also mention a problem if you faced there. Or share your opinion other than the questions in the mentioned area.
  6. After completing the survey you will be asked to fill some details for participating in the lottery. This information will help them to contact you If you win the lottery such as contact number, email id, etc.

Note that your survey answers have nothing to do with the prizes they offer. They want only honest opinions and feedback from customers. If you had a good experience, rate them accordingly and if you had a bad experience, make sure to let them know the issues you faced. The prizes, rewards, and coupons are distributed irrespective of the answers that you give to them.

Tell Pizza Hut Official Survey Rewards: Win $1000 for Free

What’s more exciting if you are getting rewards just by answering a few questions.

Pizza Hut offers customers with various rewards after the completion of survey.

There are various lotteries in a month for the participants. There is a daily lottery of $1000 and three weekly lotteries of $500. Apart from this, there are many more rewards that keep on changing with time.

Once you complete the survey you will be shown more details about the current rewards that they are offering. 

More About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain founded by Dan and Frank Carney in 1958. Pizza Hut is the world’s largest pizza chain with 16,796 number of restaurants in 130 nations around the globe. Pizza Hut serves Pan pizzas, pasta, breadsticks, chocolate cakes, and many more items. There are 30,000 plus employees in pizza hut outlets worldwide. The parent company is Yum!.

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Final Words

I hope you understood the entire process of taking the Tellpizzahut survey. Next time whenever you visit Pizza Hut make sure to keep the receipt with you as it can easily win you $1000 or a lot more. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask below.

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