TellPayless – Participate in Official Payless Survey [$5 Free Coupon]

Payless Shoes is one of the famous and popular shoe hub when it comes to all men’s, kids and ladies shoes, boots, flip-flops, ketos and sandals – whether you are looking for fashionable and trending designer brands or just a comfy pair of sandals to wear to your workplace or simple loafers to enjoy on your next holiday. Payless Shoe Source is a one of the best place to do your shoe shopping. Many of us know this. However, there is one feature of Payless Shoe Source that is scarcely known and has amazing benefits. It is called- TellPayless survey.

What is TellPayless?

If you are a regular customer at Payless Shoe Source or if you have recently shopped in-store at a Payless location, brought some kind of foot wear, they may or may not have matched your expectations. Well the Payless Shoe Source would love to hear back from you. You can do that by TellPayless. The TellPayless is a customer satisfaction survey that helps Payless Shoe Source Company to gain an idea about your shopping experience with them, to help them improvise their products and services available to their customers.


Upon taking part and successfully completing of the Payless Shoe Source customer satisfaction survey, customers are rewarded with an exclusively offer coupon code which they can redeem and use on their next visit to any Payless shoe source store. Exclusive offer coupon code, likely to get you a good discount $5  to use on your next Payless Shoe Source store purchase.


Following things are must to take part in the Tell Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey. Make sure you tick all points before you start the survey.

  • Tell Payless Survey Code which is available on your  purchase bill issued at any Payless Shoe Source stores.
  • A phone or tablet or laptop according to your preference.
  • Good internet connection to ensure your smooth and uneventful survey.

Rules for taking TellPayless Customer Satisfaction Survey:

It is mandatory that you abide the following rules to take part in the Qdoba Listens Survey.

  1. You must compulsorily make a purchase at a a Payless Shoe Source Store.
  2. The purchase bill receipt should be authentic.
  3. You must save your purchase bill to take part in Payless Survey and go online to take the feedback survey.
  4. You  must be a legal citizen of United States of America to  participate in the Tell Payless Customer Satisfaction survey.
  5. You must be 18 or more years of age to participate in the Tell Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  6. Only one person can participate for one receipt that too only one time.
  7. You must not be an employee at Payless Shoe Source store or company.
  8. You must not be an ex-employee at Payless Shoe Source store or company.
  9. You must not be an immediate relative of employee at Payless Shoe Source store or company.
  10. You must not be an immediate of ex-employee at Payless Shoe Source store or company.
  11. You cannot combine the Survey Coupons with any other offers.
  12. You can redeem the coupon only by physically visiting the store. It it cannot be used in online transaction.

How to take part TellPayless Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Once your sure you fulfill all the requirements and tick all the rules, you are free to take part in the TellPayless Customer Satisfaction Survey. It will hardly take fifteen to twenty minutes of your time at max. However,it is very important for you to complete the entire Survey. Else you would not get the offer coupon. Also, you cannot use the same Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey Code again. It means, you will have to wait for your nest visit. Follow these simple steps below to successfully complete the Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  1. When you visit the Payless Shoe Source store keep the purchase purchase bill safe with you. Ask the store staff to point out the Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey Code on the receipt.
  2. Visit on your phone or laptop or tablet. See the picture below:
  3. As you can see the survey page by default is in English language. If in case you are more comfortable with Spanish language, you can opt for Spanish language and the page will load in Spanish.
  4. Now you need to enter the survey code from your purchase bill. Make sure you enter your code carefully. Inaccurate code will be declined.
  5. Once you enter the survey code, click ‘Start’ and your survey will begin.
  6. Now, you will be asked general basic questions about Payless Shoe Source store and services, including, the staff behaviour, your overall satisfaction and experience at the shoe shopping hub.
  7. Answer all the questions honestly and once you are done with the answer for all the questions, click on ‘Submit’.
  8. Once you complete your survey the server will provide you with your validation code. Carefully note it down.
  9. The validation code and the survey code can be used to redeem the offer when you visit the Payless Shoe Source store next time.

Final Words

This is all about TellPayless Survey- the official Survey by Payless Shoe Source Company. If still have any doubts about it, feel free to comment below.

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