TellDunkinBaskin | Baskin Robbins Survey [Free Ice Cream]

No one will say ‘No’ to an extra piece of Dunkin Donut or an extra ice-cream scoop from Baskin Robbins. But real happiness is when you get it for free! You don’t believe it? Try for yourself by taking the Baskin Robbins survey which is also known as Telldunkinbaskin guest experience survey.

But before we explain you the steps to take Baskin Robins Survey, let’s know more about this official survey.

What is Telldunkinbaskin?

Telldunkinbaskin in simple terms is a collective survey by famous Donut house Dunkin Donuts and equally famous ice-cream company Baskin Robbins. No need to say that both these franchise are internationally famous for their mouth-watering snacks and dessert. But what makes them successful is their constant ability to provide customer satisfaction both through their food and their services.

Why should you take this Survey?

Dunkin Donuts is an international food franchise serving their famous Donuts globally. Apart from donuts, the store also a famous Coffee House. Baskin Robbins is a globally famous ice-cream point. Their shakes and ever-evolving desserts are favorites of many. Together these two stores are a hotspot amongst teenagers and youths. Always bustling with the spontaneous and bizarre youth energy, both of them have to constantly keep up with the tastes of their customers. Essentially they are always in need of some or other way to find information so that they could adapt themselves according to the needs of their customers.

Customer Surveys are always good ways of staying up to date with customer demands. But what actually makes these survey fun for the customers is free coupons that you can redeem on your next visit to any of their food outlets!

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How to take TellDunkinBaskin Survey?

Taking the survey is a fairly easy process. Just make sure you are eligible for it.

Eligibility for the survey

As odd it might sound, survey form Dunkin Baskins do need you to be eligible. This is to ensure that the ratings, suggestions, complaints and feedbacks are received from a credible source. Following things are necessary for the Dunkin Baskins survey:

  1. Citizenship: Only people belonging to U.S, England and Canada are eligible for the survey. People from other nationality, filling surveys are considered invalid.
  2. Age Limit: People above 18 years of age only are eligible for the survey.
  3. You should not be an employee or ex-employee of any of the two food joints.
  4. No one from your immediate family should be an employee of the food joints.

Steps to take​ Survey

Once you make sure you are eligible, follow the given steps to complete your Baskin Robbins Survey;

Step 1: Whenever you visit a Dunkin or Baskin shop, make sure you put the receipt carefully in your back pocket. Each receipt comes with a special survey code an 18 digit number, as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Go to for the survey.

Make sure you have a good internet connection. You don’t want to be stopped in between your way to free doughnut or ice cream. Once the page opens you will be asked for your survey code.

As told before, the survey code is unique. Don’t try to fool them by making up a random 18 digit number. In case if you don’t have the survey code on your receipt; click on ‘My receipt does not have a survey code.’ The site will tell you to generate your unique survey code.

You will have to enter the details of your visit in proper format as shown in the picture above. Again it would be foolhardy to try to enter wrong information. It won’t work. Better stick to the authentic information.

Step 3: Once you enter your survey code and click on start; the server verifies your survey code it will generate a set of review and survey questions for you. These questions are related to your experience as a customer with the franchise, asking you to rate their food products, services, hygiene and sanitation, store locations, availability of their services, prices and menu, and similar stuff. You can give honest answers. Your answers can be based on your experience at a particular outlet as well. You will have to rate your experience.

Step 4: Give feedbacks to Dunkin and Baskin. No one judges you or asks you to prove your point. So you can freely write sincere and honest answers. You can tell them about your complaints as well as suggestions. The franchise seeks these surveys to connect to their individual customers and know about their individual opinions. In a way, you are helping them to improve. This, they can serve you better in the future.

Step 5: Once you are done with the survey, it’s time for the reward. The server after successfully receiving your survey generates your special offer coupon. Just like the survey code, the offer coupons come with special coupon code. Make sure you write down your coupon code. You cannot redeem your reward if you don’t have your coupon code.

Step 6: Visit your nearest Dunkin Donut or Baskin Robins to redeem your offer. You might want your survey code receipt. Now it’s time to enjoy your free food!

Baskin Robbins Survey Rewards

The rewards generally offered are different. You can win discount coupons worth 1-10$ or you can even win a Free Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins.

No matter what the reward is, it is still worth taking the survey.

Things to Remember

It’s important that you understand the following terms and conditions as an essential part of the survey.

  1. Without your survey code, you cannot undertake the survey and without your coupon code, you cannot redeem your offer.
  2. You have to redeem your offer within the expiry date. Once the due date has passed your coupon becomes invalid.
  3. You can fill up to 5 Baskin Robin surveys in a month. No more than that.
  4. While you visit the shop, you can redeem one coupon per visit.
  5. The coupons cannot be used in case of home delivery. You must personally visit the shop.
  6. Go through terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy on survey code.

Final Words

This is all about Telldunkinbaskins survey. Now you will make it a habit to keep your receipts carefully in your back pocket. If there are any questions queries the survey, comment below.

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