TellCulvers – Submit Culvers Survey & Get Free Frozen Custard

Do you want to earn a lip smacking frozen dessert from Culver’s? Is that even a question? Who will miss the opportunity to get free food, much less for one from Culver’s. You can get your self a free custard or dessert by participating in TellCulvers Survey.

Whenever a friend asks us for suggesting some good place to take their partner out an a date Culver’s is in the list. We all love its delicious menu and its classic name sounds perfect. It’s truly a good place to be on a date with your crush, have a quality time with your family and friends.

This article will explain everything you need to know about Culvers Survey.

TellCulvers Survey

In simple Words, TellCulvers it a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Now, I know this sounds like bluff but it’s not. TellCulvers is an initiative to access the popularity of Culver’s amongst the customers. That and more. You visit Culver’s regularly because you like their food. But Culver’s has to do lot more stuff than making food. They have to keep an eye on what we like for our tastes change like fashion trends. Also, there is a raging market of food franchise to look after. So Culver’s asks you what you want them to become and they be it. This is why they have launched the official Culver’s customer satisfaction survey.

You can honestly and truthfully tell them about your experience with them. Your answers are most valuable. Some of you might have encountered something bad while enjoying Culver’s service. Here’s a way through which you can report it to the one who has power. All sorts of feedbacks, complaints and even suggestions are welcomed by the Culver’s.

However, why would anyone give their free opinions. Customers are the soul of their food life at Culver’s. So, to honour their valuable customers, Culver’s rewards each successful survey with a Frozen delight!

How to take part in the Culvers Survey?

I know you are getting all excited but please read the steps below carefully to make a successful Culvers Survey.


You need the following requirements to take part in TellCulvers Feedback Survey.

  1. Culver’s purchase bill from your last purchase. It contains a 18 digit survey code
  2. TRN number. The TRN number is also available on your purchase bill.
  3. A good internet connection for an unhindered survey.
  4. A mobile or a laptop or a tablet according to your preference.

Rules for taking part in the Tell Culver’s Survey:

Rules are important, they maintain the decorum and gives creditability to your answers as customers.

  1. You must be 18 or more years of age to participate in the Tell Culver’s customer satisfaction survey.
  2. You must know English to answer the questions and give the feedback.
  3. You must not be an employee of Culver’s
  4. You must not be an ex-employee of Culver’s.
  5. You must not be related to an employee of Culver’s.
  6. You must not be related to an ex-employee of Culver’s.
  7. Purchase is compulsory.
  8. You can use one purchase bill only once.
  9. No other person can use the TellCulvers unique survey code after you have already used it.
  10. You can use your Reward coupon validation code only once.
  11. You cannot combine your Culvers Survey Reward with any other ongoing offer at the Culver’s store.
  12. You have to visit the store in order to redeem your validation code.

Steps to Complete TellCulvers customer satisfaction survey.

Your ticket to free food by Culver’s lies in your purchase bill. So, when you visit the Culver’s store next time, save the bill and take the TellCulvers survey as directed below:

  • Visit the official TellCulvers Survey site on internet. The link is
  • Take out your purchase bill and find out the unique survey code and TRN number on your purchase bill. It is as indicated below:
  • Enter your unique survey code and the TRN number carefully. Mistakes may hinder the process. Also, do not try to make up any fake unique survey code. For as the name suggests it is unique and the server at Culver’s will know about foul play. They might ban you from the TellCulvers Survey permanently.
  • Once you enter the unique survey code and TRN number the server will redirect you to the survey page. Here, you will have to answer general questions about Culver’s, including quality of food items, quality of customer service, availability of newly launched items, behavior of store staff, availability of stores at vicinity, food hygiene and freshness, store cleanliness and sanitation, co-operation by the employees, overall experience, general feed back and likewise questions. As mentioned earlier be utmost honest with them. No one will charge you for saying your say and no one will ask you for justifications.
  • Once you answer all the required questions click on ‘Submit’.
  • The server will provide you with a reward coupon. This coupon consists of an equally unique reward code or validation code as that of the unique survey code.
  • Take the code to the shop and redeem the code against your frozen dessert.

Culvers Survey Rewards

The rewards keep on changing with time, however, there are a few items that are always listed as a reward for taking the survey.

  • Free Fresh Frozen Custard
  • Free Scoop of Ice Cream
  • Discount Coupons


That is all about Culver’s customer satisfaction survey. Join hands in then progress by giving your honest and valuable opinions and get rewarded in return. Spread the word amongst your friends about the Tell Culver’s Survey and about us too. If you need any additional information or have any doubts or queries regarding the Tell Culver’s Survey please feel free to comment below.

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