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Do you like coffee? Are you a coffee fan just like me? If you are one of those hard workers who put long hours in work than coffee works as an elixir. A cup of freshly brewed coffee at Caribou coffee can take away all your stress at once. At Caribou coffee, you get the best coffee in the U.S. And in order to provide you an even better product, Caribou Coffee is inviting people to be a part of their guest satisfaction survey at

TellCaribou Survey

Tellcaribou is a customer/guest satisfaction survey officially conducted by Caribou Coffee. You can take it as an effort put by them to make their products better and provide better services. In return, of your precious feedback, Caribou Coffee treats you with a free coffee or a discount on your next purchase. Conducting surveys like tellcaribou helps the company to find their flaws and work on it. It also reflects a positive impression on the customers as an effort to perform better.

The tellcaribou customer satisfaction survey focuses on getting the customer’s insights by asking simple questions based on your last visit. Questions such as “how did you like our service”, “How satisfied you were”, “What are the improvements we can make” etc. Customers participating in this survey will have to answer some questions and also provide rating along with honest feedback to get their validation code.

How to Take TellCaribou Survey

If you understood everything about the survey, its time to take a look at “How to take the survey”. The following steps will help you to complete the survey in the fastest way possible.

Step1– To start the survey, you first need to visit the official survey site or go directly to

Step2– Once you open the official survey site, you are required to put the 14-digit survey code, provided on your receipt.

Step3– Now enter the time, which is located right next to the word “Total” on your receipt.

Step4– Click on Start after you have completed entering the data and you will be migrated to a new page.

Step5– In order to proceed further, you are required to answer the questions asked on the screen based on your last Caribou experience.

Step6– After answering all the required questions it is time to submit the survey. Once you do so you will be migrated to a new or Final page.

Step7– Write down the validation code provided on the validation code so you can redeem the reward. Just make sure to redeem your reward in the given time.

Caribou Coffee customer satisfaction survey Rewards

The reward system is one of the most effective and probably the most efficient way to attract a lot of audiences. And it is pretty much the same with the tellcaribou survey. To anyone who participates in tellcaribou survey is offered with a free coffee as a participating reward. 

And in case you don’t want to have a free coffee you can get a discount on your next purchase at any Caribou store using the same validation code. Just make sure you redeem the validation code within the given time limit. Also, keep in mind that the rewards change timely so you might not be getting a free coffee next time, instead maybe you get two of them.

Survey Rules and Requirements

In order to take the survey, you must follow the rules assigned by Caribou Coffee and you must fulfill the minimum requirements as well.


  1. You need to have a basic understanding of the English language.
  2. You must be 18 years or older.
  3. You must be a citizen of the United States.
  4. You can take the survey as many times as you want.
  5. Only you can redeem your validation code, it is not transferable or shareable.


  1. You must have a recent purchase receipt of Caribou Coffee with a survey code on it.
  2. You must have any Pc or smartphone with a good internet connection.
  3. The survey code should be used within the given time span.
  4.  Participants are also required to enter personal details so keep an ID of some sort.



Phone:- 1-888-227-4268




More About Caribou Coffee

The Caribou Coffe is a US-based chain of a coffee house. Founded in Edina, Minnesota, Caribou Coffe is serving freshly brewed coffee since 1992. Started by John Puckett, Caribou Coffee was initially open for downtown office workers with a five-day-per-week schedule. Despite facing a lot of obstacles and many controversies Caribou coffee kept on growing. With just 18 years in the Coffee industry, Caribou Coffee already operates in 603 different location across the U.S. Well Caribou do specialize in coffee but they also serve other beverages like Lemonade, Ice tea, Fizzy drinks, Smoothie, Hot chocolate, etc.

Final Words 

Caribou coffee is one of the finest places to get yourself a cup of coffee. They have a wide variety of beverages to satisfy your thirst. Take part in tellcaribou satisfaction survey and help them grow bigger and better.  Any type of positive and negative feedback is totally accepted.  But make sure you are specific about your suggestions, try to use polite language and be honest. I hope you liked the article and understood all the information. Feel free comment in case of any queries. Any type of feedback or recommendation is greatly accepted. That’s all from my side, Do enjoy your free coffee.

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