Tell Noodles – Official Noodles Survey [Free Appetizer]

Everyone loves a cup of hot, slurping noodles. The Noodles is the hotspot for noodle lovers. It is always buzzing aglow with chirpy customers and on the colder days, nothing matches the warmth of a hot bowl of noodles.

With it’s tagline- ‘Ever crave something you have never had?’, The Noodles is a giant food hub across United States of America and also in the hearts of food lovers. If you have never visited it before, do visit The Noodles now. If you are a regular customer of The Noodles, this article will tell you about a feature of Tell Noodles that will make you crave more for them. What? Well, it is called Tell Noodles survey.

What is Tell Noodles?

The Noodles franchise is famous for their quick service and delicious, slurping noodles and heavenly appetizers. With their ever-increasing family of customer visiting on regular basis, The Noodles wishes to expand both in terms of quality of food and service and in terms of money and market. Thus, The Noodles wishes to achieve increased customer satisfaction. To achieve these goals they need to come in contact with every customer that visit their stores. . Especially, those who find their food stuffs less delicious. The only way to do this is through active Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Hence, The Noodles have launched Tell Noodles- a customer and guest satisfaction survey on their official site,

Tell Noodles helps The Noodles in improving the quality of their service as well as the food stuff. Regular customers are the best people to find out about what works in favor of and against any franchise. Honest feed backs from customers helps The Noodles to improve the offerings of their food items and to serve their customers interests better. Customers can be entirely truthful with your survey. The Noodles welcomes both praise and condemns from their customers. You can tell them about your experience with them, you can register your complaints and also give them your worthy suggestions for a general betterment.

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Rewards of taking part in the Tell Noodles Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The Noodles has their customers on the top position of their priority list. They would want their customers to feel happy and special. So, in return for your time and consideration you give to be a part of Tell Noodles Customer Satisfaction Survey, The Noodles treats you to a appetizers coupon for free!


Please make sure you follow these rules below in order to take part in the the Tell Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  1. You  must be a legal citizen of United States of America to  participate in the survey.
  2. You must be 18 or more years of age to participate in the Tell Noodles Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  3. You must take part in the survey within a limited period of three days from the visit. The purchase bill is not applicable if you are late beyond three days.
  4. You must redeem the Tell Noodles Customer Satisfaction survey Coupon within a limited period of thirty days. The coupom is not applicable if you are late beyond thirty days.
  5. Only one person can participate for one receipt that too only once. However, you can participate n times with n number of purchase bills.
  6. You must not be an employee of The Noodles.
  7. You must not be an ex-employee of The Noodles.
  8. You must not be an immediate relative of employee or ex-employee of The Noodles.

Survey Requirements:

Following things are necessary to ensure your smooth participation in the survey. Make sure have them with you.

  1. The Noodles purchase bill not more than three days old.
  2. A good internet connection. You don’t want to be interrupted from getting your free food.
  3. Mobile or Tablet or laptop, whichever you prefer and works good enough for you.

How to Take Tellnoodles survey

Complete the following steps to get your free appetizers coupon on Tell Noodles Customer Satisfaction Survey. It is necessary for you to complete the entire process else you would not get the free appetizers coupon.

  1. When you visit the Noodles store keep the purchase bill safe. There is a Tell Noodles Customer Satisfaction Survey Code on your purchase bill itself, which is your ticket for the Survey.
  2. Visit on your phone or laptop or tablet. The page will load as shown below:
  3. Read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the company once before taking part in the Tell Noodles Survey.
  4. Now you need to enter the Tell Noodles Customer Satisfaction survey code from your purchase bill. Make sure you enter your code carefully. Inaccurate code will be declined.
  5. Once you enter the correct survey code, click ‘Start’ and begin your Tell Noodles survey.
  6. Now, you will be asked general basic questions about Tell Noodles food stuffs and services, including, the staff behaviour, waiting time until the order arrives for billing, availability of the newly launched food items, quality of food items, freshness and taste, the price of items, questions about your frequently visited store, cleanliness and sanitation in The Noodles stores, availability of The Noodles stores in vicinity and frequency, friendliness of the staff, your overall satisfaction and experience at the restaurant.
  7. Answer all the questions honestly and truthfully. Once you are done with all the answers, click on ‘Submit’.
  8. Now you have successfully completed your survey and the server will provide you with the validation code of your Tell Noodles Customer Satisfaction Survey Coupon. Carefully note it down.
  9. The next time you visit The Noodles store, take the validation code with you and redeem your coupon.

Final Words:

This is all about Tell Noodles the official Customer Satisfaction Survey of The Noodles and Company. If you have any questions regarding the article, please feel free to comment in the section below.

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