Take QdobaListens Survey: Get Free Chips and Salsa

Do your mouth waters when you hear about Qdoba Burrito or chips with salsa? Yes? Then you must read the article till the end. What is it about? It is about QdobaListens survey which is also known as  Qdoba Survey Free Chips.

Yes! You read it right! Free Chips!

QdobaListens Survey is your chance to earn free food on your next visit to Qdoba.

What is Qdoba Listens Survey?

Now, you might be wondering what is Qdoba Listens Survey. Also, whether it us authorised or some way of wooing you into an online internet fraud or a way to sneak out personal information about you. Let me clear out all the confusion you might have. Qdoba Listens Customer Survey is the legally authorised customer or guest satisfaction survey held by Qdoba Customer Service under the control of Qdoba Food Franchise. The authenticity of the survey has a proof. Firstly, it is conducted on the official site belonging to Qdoba. Second you cannot start it without a purchase bill issued from any of the Qdoba Food Stores.

In simpler terms Qdoba Listens is a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Through the Qdoba Listens Survey, the food chain gains information about its market and popularity amongst its customers. It is a part of Qdoba Company’s Market Research Program. You will have to answer a few questions about your experience and opinions regarding Qdoba Stores. You can express your views honestly with full confidence that it would not go on deaf ears. So, if you have any suggestions for Qdoba… Bring it on!

Rewards for taking part in Qdoba Listens Survey:

It is but natural about you not giving your valuable time and opinions free of cost. And Qdoba Food Franchise knows the fact that Nothing comes for free. So in return for your favour of sharing your experience and thoughts with them, they provide you with an exclusive Qdoba Listens Survey offer coupon.

You can redeem this coupon on your nest visit to Qdoba Food Store and get chips and salsa free of all charges!

Rules for taking part in the Survey:

It is mandatory that you abide the following rules to take part in the Qdoba Listens Survey.

  1. You must compulsorily make a purchase at a a Qdoba Food Store.
  2. The purchase bill receipt should be authentic.
  3. You must save your purchase bill to take part in Qdoba Listens Survey and go online to take the feedback survey.
  4. You must take the survey within three days of issuing your purchase bill as the purchase bills expire automatically after three days time period.
  5. You must use the Qdoba Listens Survey coupon compulsorily within seven days of issuing your purchase bill as the Qdoba Listens Survey Coupons becomes invalid after seven days time period.
  6. You  must be a legal citizen of United States of America to  participate in the Qdoba Listens survey.
  7. You must be 18 or more years of age to participate in the Qdoba Listens Survey.
  8. Only one person can participate for one receipt that too only one time.
  9. You must not be an employee at Qdoba Food Franchise.
  10. You must not be an ex-employee at Qdoba Food Franchise.
  11. You must not be an immediate relative of employee at Qdoba Food Franchise
  12. You must not be an immediate of ex-employee at Qdoba Food Franchise.
  13. You cannot combine the Qdoba Listens Survey Coupons with any other offers.


Following things are must to take part in the QdobaListens Survey. Make sure you tick all points before you start the survey.

  • TellQdobaListens Survey Code which is available on your  purchase bill issued at any Qdoba stores not before than three days.
  • A phone or tablet or laptop according to your preference.
  • Good internet connection to ensure your smooth and uneventful survey.

Steps to take QdobaListens Survey:

Taking the actual survey is very easy after you tick all the requirements and rules. Follow the instructions given below name.

  1. Visit  QdobaListens official Survey Website on your device. The link is; http://www.qdobalistens.com
  2. The page loads as given in the picture below:
  3. Choose a language in which you want the Survey. There are two options available between English and Spanish. Choose the one which you can use fluently.
  4. Enter the Qdoba Survey Code carefully. As it is unique only the correct one will be accepted as shown in the picture below:
  5. Once you fill the Survey Code, click on ‘Next’.
  6. Then the server will ask you general questions about the Qdoba Food Stores. Answer all of them truthfully.
  7. Next, you will be asked to give ratings on various aspects of the Qdoba Food Stores. Click according to your experience.
  8. Finally, the server will ask you for an honest feed back. Here, you can write about any complaints you have or problems you have faced at Qdoba. You can also suggest ideas for improving Qdoba Foodstuffs and Stores, which in turn will lead them to serve you better.
  9. Once you are done with the survey, click on ‘Submit’.
  10. The server will automatically generate a unique QdobaListens Survey Coupon for you which you will have to redeem at any Qdoba store for free chips and salsa.

Final Words:

This was all about QdobaListens Survey. If you have any questions regarding the process please be welcomed to comment below. Also, check out our other articles. Good Day!

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