MyZaxbysVisit – Submit Official Zaxby’s Feedback & Win $1500

This article is about the official Zaxby’s Survey called MyZaxbyVisit. Follow this guide and win a chance to Win upto $1500 from Zaxby’s Restaurant.

Appetizers are one of the most favourite ways to start a meal. They can also be eaten as snacks. There is this one franchise spread across the United States of America that makes deliciously mind numbing chicken wings. Correct! Who else than Zaxby’s Restaurant Franchise. Chicken wings are just the starters there are many other food items that make it to the favourite lists of many people. You might be a great fan of Zaxby’s food or you may be not. Here is something that is beneficial to all of you customers visiting Zaxby’s Restaurant Franchise. It is called as MyZaxbysVisit.

What is MyZaxbysVisit Survey?

With so many food chains running all over the United States of America, it is a tough task to become one of it’s customers choicest food hub. Moreover, it takes immense amount of hardwork to maintain this position. To achieve this kind of popularity amongst the customers it is necessary to serve them properly with qualified food and service. But the knowledge of what the customers wants doesn’t come from published books. It has to be gained by maintaining a constant and steady tab on customer. This is the intention behind MyZaxbysVisit. A way through which Zaxby’s Restaurant Franchise can connect to its customers effectively.

To tell the long story short, MyZaxbysVisit is essentially nothing but a Customer and Guest Satisfact Survey initiated by Zaxby’s Restaurant. Here is a platform for all Zaxby’s Restaurant’s customers to share their experiences with the enormous and ever growing food chain in a positive and encouraging way. Through this you can tell the Zaxby’s Restaurant about your opinions. You can register your complaints and also give them your valuable suggestions.

MyZaxbysVisit customer satisfaction survey Rewards

In the world where nothing comes for free, why should you as customer give your feed back free of cost? Zaxby’s Restaurant Franchise knows this rule. In addition, it wants their customers to feel special and rewarded. You get the following rewards for taking part in the MyZaxbysVisit customer satisfaction survey.

  • Exclusive chance to win $1,000 every day.
  • Daily instant prizes.
  • Chance to win $1,500 every week.

Worth all the trouble you take for it, isn’t it?


Following rules should be followed strictly to take part in the Zaxby’s survey. Rules are necessary to give credibility to the survey.

  1. To participate in the customer satisfaction survey you must be legal residents of any of the 50 states of the United States of America, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, Honduras, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, and the Republic of Korea.
  2. You must be able to understand English compulsorily to enter in the Zaxby’s customer satisfaction  survey.
  3. Participants must be legal citizens of minimum age of 18 years (20 years for participants from the Republic of Korea) to enter into customer satisfaction survey.
  4. You must provide honest feed back. Any false allegations may result in pressing of charges against you.
  5. Only one person can participate for one receipt that too only once. If you have multiple purchase receipt then the you can participate once more.
  6. You must not be an employee of Zaxby’s Restaurant.
  7. You must not be an ex-employee of Zaxby’s Restaurant.
  8. You must not be an immediate relative of employee of Zaxby’s Restaurant.
  9. You must not be an immediate relative of ex-employee of Zaxby’s Restaurant.

How to take MyZaxbysVisit customer satisfaction survey

There are two methods to take MyZaxbysVisit customer satisfaction survey. Purchase is necessary for one method while it is not necessary for other. However, making a purchase would not make you more likely to win the Sweepstakes Entry.

Online method:

Purchase is necessary to ensure participation via this method. Once you have your purchase bill receipt keep it safe. You will require a tablet or phone or laptop to enter via this method. Once you have all the requirements follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Visit the website of from your computer or laptop or  mobile phone or tablet. The page will load as shown below:
  2. You will see privacy policy and terms and conditions of the company. Go through it once before starting the survey.
  3. Next, enter the Time of Visit, the Amount Spent over at the Zaxby’s restaurant that you visited, and the My Zaxby’s Visit customer satisfaction Survey Code which is present at the bottom of your order receipt. If you don’t find it by yourself, ask the store staff.
  4. Once you fill the correct details click on ‘Enter’.
  5. The server will ask you general questions about Zaxby’s Restaurant and your overall experience and satisfaction with them. To win the Sweepstakes it is necessary to complete the entire survey.
  6. After you finish answering the questions, you will be asked whether you would like to participate in the My Zaxbys Visit customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes and WIN $1,500.
  7. Click on “Yes” option and provide your general details including name and contact details to the server. Once you win the rewards you will be contacted by Zaxby’s Restaurant.

Take Survey via mail:

This is the traditional method and doesn’t require any purchase. Follow the simple steps given below:

  1. To enter by mail method, you need a piece of paper. Handwrite the following on it:                          “Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one (1) Daily Prize”
  2. Below it hand write your full name, phone number, residential address, email address. Then mail this paper in a #10 envelope with enough postage to one of the following addresses:[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
    c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
    511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
    New York, NY
    10011OR[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
    c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
    2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    L5N 2X4OR[Enter Month/Year]Mail-In Entry
    c/o [Enter Name of Participating Client]
    One Victoria Square
    Birmingham, UK
    B1 1DB

Final Words:

This is all about MyZaxbysVisit customer satisfaction survey. If you have any questions regarding the same please feel free to comment below.

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