MyShopRite Experience Survey: Win $500 Gift Card

How often do you visit ShopRite? Do you prefer ShopRite over any other supermarkets? What are the things you buy at ShopRite? Are there products you would like ShopRite to add in their inventory? Tell all about your ShopRite experience

Help ShopRite provide a better shopping experience and win exciting offers in return. Take ShopRite’s Customer satisfaction survey and get a chance to win 1 of 24, $500 gift card. Let your luck decide your shopping budget.

In this article, I will tell you every tinniest tiny detail you need to know about MyShopRite Experience with an in-depth survey guide. After reading this article you will know Where to apply, How to proceed, What benefits you get from this and Why you should participate.

What is MyShopRite Experience?

MyShopRite Experience is a customer satisfaction survey. It is an online platform designed by ShopRite to gather their customer’s feedback. These surveys are designed in such a way to help a company collect info on their performance and position in the market.  In this survey, you will have to answer 10-15 small MCQ type question based on your last ShopRite shopping experience. After answering all those questions, you are given a chance to participate in ShopRite’s sweepstakes.

The ShopRite sweepstakes offer a $500 gift cards to two winners each month. The winners will be selected randomly and will be invited to collect the reward.  The Reward is there to make things attractive, as the data collected is of way more value. Using this information, ShopRite can work on their flaws and provide better product and services.

With every single feedback, you help ShopRite create a brighter future.

Rules and Requirements


  1. Must be a legal resident of the United States.
  2. The minimum age to participate should at least be 18.
  3. You can only apply once in any given month.
  4. The Sweepstakes reward cannot be converted into cash, sold to someone else or used by any third party.


  1. A recent purchase receipt from Shop Rite.
  2. Any smart device with a good internet connection to access the survey site.
  3. Basic understanding of English or Espanol.

MyShopRite Experience Survey Guide

Step1– To take the survey, you must visit the official

Step2– As the survey page loads, you will have an option to switch language on the left bottom corner.

Step3– After opting for your preferred language, take out your receipt and fill in the blank.

Step4– Once, you have all the necessary details, its time to begin the survey. Click on Start to begin the survey.

Step5– Now you will have to answer a few small questions based on your last Shop Rite experience. Answer these questions and click Next to proceed.

Step6– At the end of the survey, you will have to enter your personal information. This informations will be used to contact you.

Step7– Enter all the required data and click on Next, to finally finish the survey.

MyShopRite Survey Rewards

MyShopRite Survey has a great meaning for Shop Rite and thanks to your efforts, they can now perform even better. So, to make it fair, MyshopRite gives you free entry to participating in their sweepstakes. As you complete your survey, you have to enter your personal details, which lets you enter the sweepstakes during the sweepstakes period.  You can enter the sweepstakes by complete the survey Online, or Mailing your details offline to Shop Rite.

The Shop Rite Sweepstakes starts on 1-October-2018 and will end on 30-September-2019. It has a total prize pool of $12000, offering 24 prizes over 12 months. The overall period is divided into 12 parts, one month each. Each random drawing will be held on or about 6 days of the following month. These drawings will choose two winners who will then be rewarded with $500 worth of Shop Rite gift cards each. After the completion of verification, the winners can collect their rewards.

About ShopRite

Based in Keasbey, New Jersey the ShopRite Supermarket has been the largest food retailers in New Jersey for 70 years. And since, 2011 they have also dominated the Greater Philadelphia food market defeating Acme Market for the first place. The ShopRite supermarket owns 48 individual stores with 296 affiliated stores throughout America.

ShopRite was first opened as a way to provide wholesale products at a reasonable price through cooperative buying. ShopRite actually operates under its corporate Wakefern food Corporation. This Corporation was made in 1946 to help retailers. In 1951, ShopRite was introduced, which slowly grew due to amazing policies. Today ShopRites has a great influence on the northeast region including the New York Capital District. Growing at a drastic rate, ShopRites plane to expand its reach over other parts of the United States. Plans for opening more stores in different locations are already in progress, along with a dream to be the best.

Contact ShopRite

Final Words

The ShopRite supermarket might not be big as other retailers but they are doing their best out in the market. The very first step to growth is to find and work on your flaws. And MyShopRite Experience survey will give enough data to figure that out. In simple terms,  feedback surveys play a major role in brand development, which is why ShopRite takes every feedback seriously and it is our duty as a customer to be honest with our insights.

Well, as for you guys, always be aware of survey scams, provide legitimate details and only participate if you fit the eligibility criteria otherwise, it is not a good thing to do.

With that said, Thanks for reading this article, that was all I had to share. I hope I was able to answer all the question or queries you had in mind. If there is something else you want to ask or suggest feel free to share in the comments down below.

And all the best for your sweepstake- Peace Out!

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