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Research has proven that Art and Craft are effective stress busters. We all are aware about the fact that Art and Craft can boost creativity and innovation amongst young ones. Play groups and Kindergarten teachers always look forward to try something new with thwit students. However, getting the adequate supplies of craft us of utmost importance. Michaels Art and Craft stores is one-stop shopping centres for both infuriated mothers of small kids and enthusiastic artists. Regardless of the purpose, here is a mind-blowing offer for every customer of Michaels Art and Craft stores. It is called as my MyMichaelsVisit.

What is MyMichaelsVisit?

No doubt, there must be a general curiosity for knowing more about what exactly is MyMichaelsVisit. In simple terms, MyMichaelsVisit is nothing but a Customer and Guest Satisfaction Survey. It was originated to serve the Michaels Arts and Crafts store to gain knowledge about their popularity amongst its customers. It is a simple yet effective way which tells Michaels Arts and Crafts store about what impression dies their services and products achieve amongst the customers. There are both happy and not so happy customers. Michaels Arts and Crafts stores wants to know about every body’s experience.

This way you can openly share the details of your experience with The Michaels Arts and Crafts stores and register your complaints and also give suggestions for improvement. Do not hesitate or worry to take part in the survey. Your message would not be received by deaf ears.


My Michaels Visit holds benefits not only for its organisers but also for Michaels customers, including you. For every survey you successfully complete My Michaels Visit customer satisfaction survey provide you with a grand 25% off offer coupon!

So, the next time you visit the Michaels Arts and Crafts stores to refill your Arts and Craft supplies you can pay 25% less on your purchase!


  1. You must have completed 18 years of age.
  2. You must have made a purchase at Michaels Arts and Crafts stores and should be in possession of the purchase bill.
  3. Your Michaels Arts and Crafts store’s purchase bill should not be older than seven days. Any purchase bill before this time period is considered as invalid.
  4. You must be a legal citizen of United States of America or Canada.
  5. You must know to write either in English, Spanish or French.
  6. You must compulsorily complete the My Michaels Visit customer satisfaction survey inorder to generate the special coupon.
  7. You must redeem the coupon within 30 days of the visit. Any My Michaels Visit customer satisfaction survey coupon will be considered invalid after these time period.


The following things are necessary to ensure that you have an uneventful survey.

  1. Michaels Arts and Crafts stores purchase bill not more than seven days old.
  2. A good internet connection. You don’t want to be interrupted from getting your free food.
  3. Mobile or Tablet or laptop, whichever you prefer and works good enough for you.

How to take part MyMichaelsVisit survey

Follow the instructions below to take the MyMichaelsVisit customer satisfaction survey. The steps are extremely easy after you make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements and rules.

  1. Go to the Michaels Store, purchase something and take your purchase bill and carefully keep it with you. Do not loose it. You can not start the My Michaels Visit Survey without it.
  2. Visit the official site at on your selected device with good quality internet connection.
  3. The page will load by default in English language. If you are not comfortable with English, select one of the languages either Espanol or Francais.
  4. Before you start the survey read the privacy policies of the company. It would not be harmful.
  5. Enter the MyMichaelsVisit customer satisfaction survey code, 22-digit survey long located on your purchase bill as shown in the image below:
  6. Enter the survey code carefully in the boxes and click on ‘START’. It is as shown in the image below:
  7. The server ask you various questions. You have to provide answers to all the questions l your experience with the products and services with complete honesty and in detail. There will be questions about the store including staff behaviour, their helpful nature, cleanliness at the store. There will be questions about products that you like and products that do not match your quality requirements, availability of products, availability of stores, any improvements you feel are needed to be done and likewise.
  8. At the end of the survey the server will ask for your general details. Enter your correct personal information like name, Address, Phone number, Email address, etc.
  9. Then click on ‘SUBMIT’.
  10. The coupon code will be automatically generated by the server on the screen. You can use this code for 25% off on online website or Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores.

Final Words:

This is all about My Michaels Visit  customer and guest satisfaction survey organised by Michaels Arts and Crafts stores. If you have any questions further please feel free to comment in the section below. Do not forget to share this information and source amongst your family, friends and colleagues.

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