MyHJExperience – My Hungry Jack’s Experience Survey

If you’ve ever wanted mouthwatering burgers at reasonable prices, Hungry Jack’s is the place to visit. They even have the iconic Whopper burgers to make sure that you keep revisiting them. Want to make the next visit even more sweeter? Go ahead and fill out the MyHJExperience survey to win an extra cheese burger. If you want to know more about My Hungry Jacks Experience survey, read below as we list out the ways to enter and the conditions to apply.

What is MyHJExperience Survey?

Like all major companies, Hungry Jack’s want to know how to treat their customers even better. The invention of the Internet has made it much more easier for people and by extension, the companies to stay in touch with each other. Bettering their services is exactly what MyHJExperience hopes to achieve, as they can know what their customers think about them. Since they offer an extra cheese burger, you will also be happy, now wouldn’t you?

Hungry Jack’s Survey Requirements

Before heading off to see how to enter the survey, you may want to see the requirements.

  • You have to be at least 13 years old to take part in the survey.
  • A recent receipt from your nearest Hungry Jack’s.
  • Only one offer is provided to a person per visit.
  • You need a PC or a Mobile device with Internet connection.
  • The survey is only available in English. So a basic understanding of the language is required.
  • You have to complete the survey at least before 24 hours are completed after your visit.
  • Your receipt must be from a Hungry Jack’s that’s participating in the survey.
  • If you work at Hungry Jack’s or have a relative that does, you wouldn’t be eligible for the offer.
  • Use the original receipt when you redeem your offer as photocopies won’t be accepted.

If you meet all of these conditions, read on to know how to enter that survey and win your free burger.

How to Take MyHJExperience Survey

You need to follow these simple steps that are listed below.

  • Make sure you have your receipt from a recent visit to a participating Hungry Jack’s.
  • Fire up an internet browser of your choice and visit

  • Now, you have to enter the survey code that’s present on your receipt.
  • Then, enter the time of your visit. Press start to proceed.
  • You will be asked a series of questions. It’s going to be based on the food, the convenience and the customer service.
  • Answer the questions honestly because even if your experience wasn’t good, you will still get the validation code.
  • Complete all the questions to obtain the validation code for your free burger. Write the code down on your receipt and visit a nearby Hungry Jack’s.

Make sure to give honest answers as it helps the brand improve the customer service. Rewards [FREE Cheese Burger]

The reward is pretty straightforward. A free cheese burger the next time you visit sounds great. Just make sure your receipt is authentic as photocopies won’t be accepted and make sure your validation code is proper.

The rewards might change with time as the company tries to offer new items as rewards. This way they also manage to make to eat one of their new menu items. And if it is good, you might start buying that on a regular basis.

Is The Survey Worth It?

With over 400 stores all over Australia, hungry Jack’s is fairly huge and would love it if the customers were more involved in their decision making process. This survey is expected to improve your services and gives you a free burger for completing it. Any praises you have for the company will be appreciated and any complaints would be addressed in future visits. After taking all of this into consideration, I would say it is worth taking the MyHJExperience survey.

F.A.Q Related My HUNGRY JACK’S Experience 

  1. What is the validity for this offer?

The survey has to be filled 48 hours from the time the receipt is issued.

  1. Is it mandatory to fill in the Tell Hungry Jack’s survey?

The survey isn’t mandatory at all but considering all the benefits and freebies I would say go for it.

  1. Can I share this code?

You can’t share the code. The person who completed the survey must redeem it.

More About Hungry Jack’s

Hungry Jack’s Pt Ltd is an Australian fast food franchise of Burger King Corporation.Jack Cowin is the man who owns the Competitive Foods Australia of which Hungry Jack’s is a Subsidy of. Hungry Jack’s owns and operates or sub-licences all of the Burger King/Hungry Jack’s restaurants in Australia. As the master franchise for the country, the company is responsible for licensing new operators, opening its own stores and performing standards oversight of franchised locations in that country. With over 400 locations across Australia, Hungry Jack’s is the second largest franchise of Burger King in the world.

A takeaway food shop in Adelaide, South Australia had already trademarked the name Burger King . Jack Cowin wa s provided with alternative names based off of pre-existing Burger King trademarks. He selected the “Hungry Jack” brand name, one of Pillsbury’s U.S. pancake mixture products and slightly changed the name to a possessive form by adding an apostrophe and “s” to form the new name “Hungry Jack’s”.

Burger King Contact Information

Level 6, 100 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Level 6, 100 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Level 5, 460 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Unit 9, 441 Nudgee Road, Hendra, QLD 4011

Suite 1, 46, Gwendoline Drive, BELDON 6027

1300 852 326 (FREE CALL)

Final Thoughts

This is all there is to know about Hungry Jack’s. If you think this is pretty great and want a free burger, don’t wait to fill out the MyHJExperience survey the next time you visit the famous burger joint.

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