McDVoice – Take McDonald’s Official Survey [Get Free Meal]

Do you like eating at McDonald’s? How often do you visit McD? What menu do you most order? Let McDonald’s know all the answer to these questions at McDVoice Survey. If you have always been a McDonald’s fan let McD return the favor for your loyalty. Be a part of McDonald’s official feedback survey at and let McDonald’s take care of your next meal. Help McDonald’s find their flaws and enjoy new exciting offers and discount deals in return.

This article deals with all the information related McDVoice survey along with a step-wise guide to help you complete McDvoice Con in no time.

What is McVoice Survey?

McDvoice is McDonald’s official customer feedback survey. It is organized at the world level, including all 121 different countries worldwide it operates in.

Why this survey? 

Well, Mcdonald’s is the second largest chain of fast food restaurant in the whole world after subway. But, why set on second when you can be the best in the world. The McDvoice official survey is one of the most efficient ways to get opinions of the 90 Million people visiting McDonald’s daily. Some of the aspects McDvoice focuses on are First impression, Food Quality, Service Quality, Product value, Hygiene, Customer service, etc.

How do you contribute?

As a participant in McDvoice con, you are supposed to answer some questions related to your last McDonald’s visit. The questions are to the point, MCQ type questions, so it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. Just answer the questions asked, drop feedback, submit the survey and write down the provided validation code, and that’s it, you’re done.

How to take the McDvoice Survey?

You can follow the given steps to complete McDvoice Survey and Win a Free Big Mac Burger.

Step 1– To take the survey, you first need to visit the official survey site @

Step 2– As the page loads, the first option you will switch your language to Spanish. To do so, simply click on Espanol at the top of the page.

Step 3– Now enter the 26 digit survey code on your receipt and click on Start.

Step 4– In case you don’t have a survey code, click on the bottom right corner of your screen as shown in the picture.

Step 5- Now enter all the details asked and click on Start to start the survey.

Step 6 – Once you are through all of that, it is now time to answer some questions and rate some services.

Step 7 – After answering all the questions, click on submit to finish the online survey. Once, submitted, you will be provided with a validation code which works like a coupon when redeeming your reward. So, write it down on the back of your receipt and take it with you next time you visit McDonald’s.

Make sure that you put genuine reviews and answers in the survey. McDonald’s is organizing this survey for customers only and you should help them improve. Let me also tell you that you will be getting the reward for completing the survey irrespective of what you write or how you rate them in the survey. So, be honest and fair.

What Reward to McDonald’s Survey Give?

McDonald’s is known for their awesome service and hospitality. No matter what the circumstances are, they never let you go unsatisfied. The McDvoice survey is no different at all. Anyone who is free enough to take the McDvoice survey is treated free meals from McDonald’s. When you submit the McDvoice survey you are provided with a validation code at the end. You can use that code to redeem your free reward the next time you visit McDonald’s.

But the rewards, they change every month, so if you get a free meal this month doesn’t necessarily mean you will the same thing next time. Now don’t feel sad, because you can literally take the survey 5 times in one month, isn’t that amazing. You can treat yourself 5 free meals. So, Now you’re loving it.

Well, McDonald’s have a long list of rewards waiting for you to redeem but every time you first need to make a purchase to take the survey again.

Rules and Requirements


  1. You must be 15 years or above in age to take the survey.
  2. Your citizenship must belong to the USA or Columbian region.
  3. The survey can be taken for more than one time in a month, maximum 5 times with different survey codes of course.
  4. You are only provided 7 days to take the survey and redeem the reward after completing the survey.


  1. You must have a recent receipt from McDonald’s.
  2.  The receipt should not be older than 7 days.
  3.  A smartphone, pc or tablet with a good internet connection.
  4. Basic understanding of English or Spanish.

More About Mcdonald’s

Started as a Hamburger stand in the early 20th century, McDonald’s has a huge history to share. In the year 1940, two gentlemen Richard Mcdonald and Maurice McDonald opened a fast food restaurant in California USA. It all started as one fast food restaurant and today McDonald’s is the world’s second largest chain of fast food restaurant. Serving over 90million people daily worldwide, McDonald’s operates in 121 countries at 40,000 different locations. It operates 14000 restaurants, alone in the USA and about 1400 in Cannada. Well, McDonald’s is quite famous for its cheeseburgers hamburgers and fries but they do also serve different types of soft drinks, smoothies, chicken products, etc.

One of the biggest secrets behind McDonald’s success is its ability to adapt. They constantly had to tweak and change their Menu depending on the market and culture of all the different countries. They were always flexible about adding new items and willing to sacrifice on the older ones which helped them increase their McDonald’s family.


Phone –  1-800-244-6227

Facebook –



Final Words

The McDvoice con survey is McDonald’s strategic step towards dominating the fast food industry. In order to be the best, you need to focus on the small things and in such a big franchise, small flaws can easily be neglected. And it is because of the very small flaw, you might not be satisfied with McDonald’s. The feedback survey is the most effective way to find the flaws and work on it. Which means that every candid feedback you give, matters way lot to the company than you.  So, be honest with your reviews and let McDonald’s know your suggestion. Help McDonald’s grow and let them take care of your hunger.

Well, that was all from my side, hope this article is useful to you. Do lets us know about your reward. And Thank you for reading.- Peace out!

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