Kohlslistens – Take Kohl’s Survey [Chance to Win $1000]

Test your luck and get a chance to win up to $1000 gift card at www.kohlslistens.com. Have you recently visited any of Kohl’s department store? If you had then you are eligible to take part in Kohls feedback survey. Share your last Kohl’s experience by taking part in its Kohlslistens feedback survey.

Participate in Kohl’s official survey and get a shot at Kohl’s sweepstakes. Win up to $1000 gift card and prove your luck to the world. Learn the steps on how to successfully complete this survey.

What is Kohlslisten Survey?

Kohl’s has been in the department store industry for a while and just like everyone, they are also considering every chance to grow in the market. The Kohlslistens is an officially conducted feedback survey by Kohl’s.  In this survey, customers are requested to answer some questions related to their last Kohl’s visit. The questions are to the point, MCQ type questions in nature and it only take 3-5 minutes to finish. The Kohlslisten survey focuses on certain aspects like the first impression, presentation, customer service, level of satisfaction, suggestions and personal point of view.

The best thing about guest satisfaction surveys like Kohlslistens is that it creates a win-win situation. Therefore spending a few minutes to take the survey is not a bad idea. Go to the official website to complete the survey and your name will be added to the Kohl’s sweepstakes list. If you win, you get the $1000 as the winning prize. As for Kohl’s, they get their feedback but most importantly you get to be a part of Kohl’s success and making it a better shopping destination.

How to take Kohl’s survey?

If you are done reading about the survey, it is time to complete it. Follow the steps below to take Kohls Survey.

Step1 – To take the Kohlslisten survey, first visit www.kohlslistens.com. which is, of course, the official website for Kohls survey.

Step2 –  As you visit the official site, you will be asked to enter some details which are printed on your Kohl’s receipt. But first, choose the language.

Step3 – Now enter the Store number and the 12-digit Access code printed on your repeat. Then click Next to proceed.

Step4 –  As you click next, you will be migrated to a new page with questions related to your last visit. Answer the question and keep clicking next until to reach the final page or end of the survey.

Step5 – At the end of the survey, you will be requested to enter your personal details so Kohl’s can contact you in case you win.

Step6 – Click Next to submit the survey and you will be left with a Thank-you message by Kohl’s.

Rules and Requirements

All surveys come with certain rules and requirements. Kohls feedback survey rules are as follows;

  1. To participate in the survey, you must be at least 18 years old.
  2. All participants should have United States citizenship.
  3. Any employer of Kohl’s corporation cannot take or be a part of Kohl’s sweepstakes.
  4. You can only take the survey once.
  1. You must have a Kohl’s receipt with a survey code on it.
  2. A computer or smartphone with a good internet connection.
  3. Basic understanding of English or Spanish.
  4. This survey can only be taken online.

What Reward do I get After Completing KohlsListens Survey?

The kohlslistens feedback survey is more of an entry form to Kohl’s sweepstakes. Since, its sweepstakes, your chances of winning are quite slim, so count on your luck. The sweepstakes are organized at one particular date, so your reward has to wait for now. But what will you get? Turns out anyone who wins the sweepstakes gets either a 1000$ gift card as a grand prize or a 10% discount coupon.

You can use that coupon at any Kohl’s department store in the U.S for any purchase. So if you were saving to buy something, it can be your headstart.  You also don’t have to worry about the location or date as all the detail related to the sweepstakes will be shared with you via email or text.

More About Kohl’s

Kohl’s owned by Kohl’s Corporation, is a chain of a department store. Founded by Maxwell Kohl, who was a Polish immigrant, Kohl was started as a department store after a successful chain of grocery stores in 1962.  Located in almost every state, Kohl’s shares a long history of success and hard work. The Kohl’s headquarters is currently located in Milwaukee suburbs of Menomonie Falls, Wisconsin. In the last 50 years, Kohl’s has grown its chain from 2 to 1,158 stores. The Kohl’s departments store was also listed as Americas biggest chain of department stores as of 2013 which is an example of their hard work and determination.


Phone-  (855) 564-5705

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/kohls/

Instagram-  https://www.instagram.com/kohls/?hl=en

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Kohls?

Final Words

Kohl’s has been around for half a century now, influencing people and offering the best value products to almost 3-generations. Despite being America’s best, Kohl’s is not ready to take a break, they are fixated and determined to keep on growing. And the kohlslistens survey is an example of that. Participate in this survey and help Kohl’s to improve their customer’s experience and work on their flaws.

While giving your feedback, always be specific and polite with your reviews and always make sure that the survey is taken from the official site. I hope this article is helpful to you and you are able to understand all the information. Feel free to comment and share your feedback. Let us know what you’d buy if you win the sweepstakes.

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