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Whenever we travel to vacation distant cities, sightseeing is a mandatory ritual. However, transportation is always a bugging problem. Taking your family from one place to another, keeping them safe from petty criminals, taking care of your belongings, money, cameras is a though job. And we often think that having a vehicle at such times of need has no other option. Hertz has always been one trusted car rental company when it comes to safe rides with reasonable rates. With its growing need in every city Hertz wants to make every customer should have a way to share their opinions with them, without a third-party in between. That’s where ‘HertzSurvey’ comes into action.

In this article, we will give all steps to take official HertzSurvey to Win Free Coupons that you can use on your next visit to the hertz store.

What is HertzSurvey?

HertzSurvey as the names suggests is nothing but a customer satisfaction survey. Where you as a customer can connect to your reliable car rental company one to one, with small and carefully followed procedure on your phone.

You can tell them all about your experience with them, their flaws, areas of improvement and praise them for giving you a quality time with your family in affordable prices. You can also register honest complaints and their drawbacks without having to suffer from any unusual or bad consequences. What’s more you can actually gain from it.

In order to take part in the Hertz it’s mandatory that you have used their service. Because taking part in the survey requires a special Hertz Survey access code. You also require your Rental Number. So next time you use Hertz Rental Service, think twice before throwing away the receipt. Rather put it in your back pocket.

Taking part in the HertzSurvey is a child’s play.  However, not everybody can take part in the survey. There are some rules.


Rules are mandatory and quite strictly followed. Here are official rules of HertzSurvey.

  1. The general rules for renting using Hertz Rentals are to be fulfilled (It’s pretty obvious that you require an authentic drivers licence.)
  2. Your credentials should not be fake or made up. Driving is a task that requires responsibility.
  3. Make sure you keep your purchase receipt safe.
  4. You should not be a working or ex-employee of Hertz Rental Company.
  5. You should not have any immediate family members being working employee or ex-employee of Hertz Rental Company.
  6. One Rental Code and Access Code pair can be used only once.
  7. One Promo code can be used only once.

Survey Requirements

  1. Hertz Rental Company’s receipt for Hertz Survey Rental Code and Access Code.
  2. Good Internet Connection.
  3. English or Spanish language.

How to Take HertzSurvey at www.hertzsurvey.com

So, here are full steps on How to take HertzSurvey from the official Website.

  1. The first step of the survey is finding your 9 nine digit Hertz Rental code and the 5-7 digit Hertz Survey access code. Both of them are available on your receipt. If you don’t find them, all the Hertz rental shop manager.
  2. Sit with a good internet connection available for your phone or laptop. You don’t want to be hindered in your process by technical glitches.
  3. Once you have both the Hertz code, go to www.Hertzsurvey.com.  You will get a screen as shown in the picture below.
  4. You you can choose your survey language from either of English or Spanish. Choose a language your are comfortable with.  Enter your Hertz survey codes carefully. Don’t try to make up any false codes, they can be detected and you can be banned from further surveys.
  5. Once you enter your Hertz Survey Codes, Click on ‘Start’.
  6. The server will ask you genuine questions about your experience with Hertz Rental Company, it’s service, availability, quality. You can be completely honest with your answers. Furthermore it will also ask for a feedback which again can be written true to its last words without you being asked for any proofs. You can also give your suggestions for improving them and also tell them your complaints.
  7. Answer all your questions. On the completion of your survey, the server will provide you with a link for your promo code
  8. Click on it and you will be given your Hertz Rental promo code.
  9. Make sure you write your Hertz Survey Promo Code  somewhere (or on the same receipt)
  10. Next time when you visit any of Hertz Rental Company Shops you can use the promo code to get a good discount!

Hertz Survey Reward: Free Coupon

Taking part in the survey is important aspect of achieving customer satisfaction. The Hertz Rentals need to know what their customers think about them constantly so that they can improve themselves. They also need to know about how customer feel about them. But Hertz also wants their customers to be honored for being honest and true to them. So it provides each survey taker an exclusive promo coupon. This promo can come handy in your future dealings with Hertz.

Final Words

Hertz is a globally famous rental service famous for its easy availability and reach. It is installed in around 145 countries around the world, including Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, France, London, Italy.

That’s all about Hertz Rental Company and Hertz Survey. Make sure you take part in the survey every time and tell your family vacation companion about your wonderful experiences with them. If you have any doubts please feel free to comment below.

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