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Checkers and Rally’s invites you to be a part of their Guestobsessed survey. Take part in Guestobsessed survey and enjoy free sandwiches. This article will help you to take Guest Obsessed Survey from

Are you a food junkie? Do you like fast foods? How about enjoying your favorite burger in your car? Whether you are obsessed with fast food or just want to grab a double cheeseburger, in case you are running late to your work, you must know about Checkers and Rally’s. Known for their double drive-through fast food restaurants, Checkers and Rally’s is a well-known place for fast food lovers. Survey:

The Guestobsessed survey is a guest satisfaction survey by nature. This survey is officially organized by Checkers and Rally’s in order to get customer’s insight. The Guestobsessed survey is online based survey hosted on Anyone who participates in this survey is provided with a validation code which can be redeemed to get several offers. It takes only five minutes to complete the survey and can be completed from anywhere.  Those taking part in this survey will have to answer some questions along with honest feedback. Questions included in the Guestobsessed survey are basically MCQ type.

Keeping the rising competition in mind, the Guestobsessed survey is focused on certain aspects. And by conducting these type of surveys, a company gets a fair idea about its customers, position in the market, areas that need improvements and things they need to make right. The different areas this survey focuses on are the food quality, serving time, food appearance, service provided, facilities offered, product value and how satisfied the customer was and why.

Important Rules and Requirements


  1. You must be 18 or above in order to be eligible for the job.
  2.  You must be a citizen of the United States.
  3.  One person is allowed for one receipt only.
  4. You must redeem your validation code within 30 days.


  1. You must have a smartphone/PC.
  2.  You must have a good internet connection.
  3. You must have a receipt of the restaurant that you visited recently.

How to Take Guest Obsessed Survey

Completing any type of guest satisfaction survey is a piece of cake and only takes 5 minutes. In order to complete this survey flawlessly just follow the given instructions below:-

Step1- To start the guestobessed survey you will need to go to the official survey site i.e

Step2-  Take out your most recent receipt and enter the 4-digit store code.

Step3- Now, enter the date you visited the store and click on Start.

Step4- As you click start, you will be migrated to another page so you can start taking the survey.

Step5-  You will have to honestly answer all the questions asked and also rate their services, product values, etc.

Step6- Answer all the questions on the screen and keep clicking next until you are migrated to the final page.

Step7-  You might have to enter your personal info but as soon as you are done answering all the questions, submit your survey in order to get to the final page.

Step8- As soon as you submit your survey, a validation code will be assigned to you. Make sure to write it down in your receipt in order to redeem your prize.

Checkers and Rally’s Survey Rewards: Free Sandwiches

The Guestobsessed survey has two prizes on its list. There is no winning system or sweepstake so there is no winner or loser here. Anyone who participates in the Guestobsessed survey will be provided with a validation code as long as they fulfill the eligibility criteria. As for the validation code assigned, it is supposed to be redeemed within the time limit at any Checkers and Rally’s restaurants across the U.S. On redeeming you can choose either a free sandwich or a discount on your next purchase.

Rewards in these survey are such that it is attractive enough to get customers to show interest in it but also cost as less as possible for better efficiency.

More About  Checkers and Rally’s 

Checkers and Rally’s is Americas largest chain of a double drive-thru restaurant. Originally started as two different companies, Checkers and Rally’s merged in Aug 1999, when Checkers finally acquired Rally’s. Today after 19 long years, Checkers and Rallys operates at in 28 states along with the District of California with their HQ based in Tampa, Florida. Despite being merged and serving the same menu they still operated in two different areas with Checkers serving Southwest and Rally’s serving Midwest. Checkers was originally founded in Mobile, Alabama in the year 1986 and Rally’s in Louisville, Kentucky in the year 1985. Recently Checkers and Rally’s was also identified as the best place to work which is proof of their hard work.



Phone:- 1-800-800-8072




Final Words

The Guestobsessed Survey is Checkers and Rally’s way of going an extra mile for their customers. Conducting surveys like this help them to analyze their flaws, and also give them an idea about the competition. This not only helps in improving their services but also helps in providing better quality food and menus. That’s why every feedback given is taken seriously as it can decide the companies future. So, be honest with your reviews, use polite language and try to be specific so you can relay more info in fewer words.

That’s all from my side, hope you are able to understand all the steps given. Feel free to comment in case of any queries, feedbacks are deeply appreciated as well.

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