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Want some more discount to fund you on your shoe shopping adventure. Well, its Foot Locker again. How? Through FootLockerSurvey. Stick to the article in the end to Learn How to take Foot Locker Survey and earn yourself a good discount. After all, who doesn’t love a discount?

Shoes and foot wear are a part of our lifestyle. With the ever-changing fashion we have to updates our foot wear from time to time. And there are shoe alcoholics who cannot live without new shoes every month. Huh. As if there were not enough bills to pay already! Thanks to Foot Locker, at least money spent on shoes is least of our concerns. After all, which other foot wear company sells all those beautiful foot wear master pieces at affordable prices without any compromise on quality?

What is FootLockerSurvey?

As the names tells everyone so clearly, it is a survey. No hidden metaphors there. However, there is a lot to gain from these surveys. Both to Foot Locker Company and you as well. Don’t forget about the discount.

One prime reason the customers visiting Foot Locker is the latest foot wear fashion at affordable rates. Hardly few of us enter inside a Foot Locker store and come back empty-handed. There’s just that right Cinderella’s slipper for you, resting on the shelf in the store. How does Foot Locker manages that, providing quality service for each customer? Again it is through these surveys.

FootLockerSurvey asks you few simple questions on your experience as a customer to them. You can answer them truthfully. You also give your honest feed back, share your opinions. You can even register your complaints, if you want to share you bad experience and no questions or proof will be asked. You can give your suggestions as well. This way the company knows what you want and manufactures that for you. They also get an overview of their popularity among the customers. Apart, from products they all seek to learn about ways to increase their quality as service provider.

In the end you rightly earn your discount.

How to take Foot Locker Survey at

The actual survey is a child play. However, you make sure you qualify the eligibility criteria and have the requirements with you to take part in the Foot Locker Survey.

Steps for taking part in the Foot Locker Survey

This is the simplest part. I know you are excited but please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding.

  1. Whenever you get your purchase bill from the store keep it safe.
  2. There is a unique Foot Locker Survey Code on your purchase bill. If you don’t find it, ask the cashier at the store or store manager to guide you.
  3. Once you have the unique Foot Locker Survey Code visit It will be as shown in the image below:

  4. Once the page loads carefully type your unique Foot Locker Survey Code and click on ‘, Start’. Warning, do not try to make up a random unique Foot Locker Survey Code. The server will know. It will be fruitless to attempt. 
  5. Now you will be asked to answer some general questions based on your experience with the Foot Locker. As said before, be honest and prove beneficial for everyone. These questions will be on quality of products, your satisfaction with the Foot Locker, prices of the foot wear, behavior of store staff, availability of latest models in the store, availability of stores at frequently places, cleanliness at store and other similar things.  
  6. Once you finish answering the questions click on ‘Submit’.
  7. The server will generate a unique reward coupon code for you. Carefully note it down. You would not get any discount with your unique reward coupon code. You will also need your Foot Locker Survey Code.

Official Survey Requirements

  1. First and most important, your Foot Locker purchase receipt. The purchase receipt of one visit will be your ticket to discount on your next visit to Foot Locker store.
  2. A good internet connection to complete the survey without any technical glitches.
  3. A laptop or a mobile phone or a tablet device.

Survey Rules

Rules are must and should be strictly followed. If not so, you may get detained from taking part in further surveys altogether.

  1. You must be 18 or more years of age.
  2. You must not be an employee of Foot Locker
  3. You must not be an ex-employee of Foot Locker
  4. You must not be related to an employee of Foot Locker.
  5. You must not be related to an ex-employee of Foot Locker.
  6. You must make a compulsory purchase to take part in the Foot Locker Survey.
  7. You can not exchange your discount with money.
  8. You cannot combine with any other offers available at the store.
  9. You cannot transfer the discount reward to someone else.
  10. You can use one purchase bill only once.
  11. One purchase bill is limited to one customer only.
  12. You cannot redeem your gift discount without your reward validation code.

Foot Locker Survey Rewards: $10 Gift Card

Upon completing the Survey, you will be eligible for a reward. The reward normally changes with time but it is always something worth taking the survey.

The common Footlockersurvey rewards are;

  • 10% Discount Coupon
  • $10 Gift Card
  • $10 Coupon

You can redeem your reward at any Footlocker store. Make sure to keep your validation and survey code with you.

Final Words

Be an active part of the FootLockerSurvey and help your famous foot wear brand grow in brand and quality in the market. Also; Get a free discount for yourself. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the article feel free to comment below.

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