Five Below Survey -Official Survey of the Five Below

Five Below! That word rings a bell doesn’t it, it sure would, cause there wouldn’t be a person who hasn’t visited that store. It has products ranging from sports, fashion, school supplies, stationary, bath and body and so on. What’s new is that, Five Below conducts an online survey. So, let’s find out all about it!

What is Five Below survey?

The Five Below survey is the official customer satisfaction survey of Five Below. They have come up with this to know about what exactly their customers are expecting from them. This is also to clear the communication gap between the customers and the company over the various services provided by them. This survey comprises of some basic questions that are to be answered by the customers. Then you’ll get a chance to enter into their sweepstakes and win a $100 gift card.

Why should we take this survey?

Shopping at Five Below is itself a great experience because all the products available over there are highly discounted ones. On top of this, when they come to you to fill a survey, that might help them to up their standards and give you a better experience. I’m sure you’ll not stop anywhere to take their survey. You could share all your feelings, suggestions and complaints about your previous visit at the store. They are ready to listen to all of it. Now, let me take you through the rules and regulations of this survey.

Rules and pre-requisites

The first and foremost requirement that one must pay heed to is that, you must have the bill from your previous visit at the Five Below store. The rest rules are as follows-:

  • The bill should not be more than 7 days old while taking the survey.
  • Once the winners are announced and the company cannot contact you within the consecutive 7 days. Then I’m sorry to inform you that, you will have to forfeit the prize.
  • This sweepstakes can be won every month. The prize is a $10 gift card.
  • You can avail the prize only at the store you had previously shopped in.
  • Another glitch is that, you must be a permanent resident in the place where you had shopped and where you wish to redeem your prize.
  • If you want to take this survey, then you must be a major according to the age limit set in the country you reside in.
  • The prize that you receive at this survey cannot be redeemed nor can it be transferred to anyone else.
  • Spanish and English are the two languages in which the survey is available.
  • Only one entry per person per household per survey sweepstakes is allowed.
  • You must and should have any device like the laptop, PC, what phone with good internet connection.
  • A former or present employee, stake holder, manager or marketing employee, none of them can be a part of this survey.
  • No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter into this survey.
  • A purchase at the store cannot increase any chances of you winning the sweepstakes.

How to take the survey?

To take this survey, you must follow the steps enlisted below-:

  • Once you enter the webpage you’ll see a thanking note from the company directing to you for taking out time to take this survey. You wanna get started with the survey, then click on the blue “Got it” button .
  • You must then choose the state-city where you had visited your previous Five Below store.
  • Then, you have to enter in your e-mail address. After this click on the blue “Next” button.
  • Answer the questions asked in this page honestly.

  • You will then be given a code, that becomes your sweepstakes code.

Wondering why your e- mail address was taken during this survey. That is because, the winners are notified through the e- mail addresses provided. So, make sure to enter the correct e-mail id. If you face any kind of technical glitches while taking this survey. Feel free to notify the company about it.

Contact details of five below

The following ways you can get in touch with the company-:

Call them through this number-844-452-3569

Facts about Five Below

Having started recently in 2002, Five Below started expanding in 2011. They have a fundraiser program going on during the Halloween days, where in the proceeds received during the event are all given to the St. Jude’s. When the hurricane Sandy created a havoc and left behind a path of destruction. The company donated about $50,000 for this. The best part of these stores are that they are customized for children, so they are always flooded with people in it.


Hope you understood all about this survey. Don’t forget to take this survey. It’s very easy and worth the time you spend on it. Keep in your mind that you must take it before 7 days of your purchase at the store. I wish you all the luck to win the sweepstakes. Enjoy shopping with the $10 gift card that you receive. Share in your experiences and thoughts about this survey with us in the comments section below. Also, if you have any suggestions or any complaints, feel free to pen then down. Cheers! Enjoy shopping.

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