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Are you a First Watch fan or Is it your first choice when it comes to fast foods? Whether you are a regular or a weekend guy, if you visit First Watch often, then you are at the right place. The First Watch Feedback Survey offers you a chance to win up to $500 discount on your next first watch visit.

Take the First Watch Feedback survey and enjoy discounts on any purchase at any First Watch restaurant inside America. It can be completed on In this particular article, we are going to discuss everything about the survey, its terms, and conditions and how to complete the First Watch Feedback survey and what you get after completing this survey.

What is First watch Feedback?

The First watch Feedback is a feedback survey organized by First watch itself in order to improve their services and offer better food quality. To take this survey, you need to go to the official survey site. The site will migrate you through a couple of and then finally lead to an end page. On the last page, a validation code will be provided to you which is required to redeem your reward.

While taking this survey, you are supposed to answer a few questions about whether you were satisfied or not, do you use the First Watch app, how was the service, etc. Along with that, you are supposed to give an honest review, in which you can simply talk about their service, food quality and the improvements they can make. Since First Watch is open to all positive and negative feedback feel free to drop complains if you have any.

Terms and Conditions for First watch Guest Satisfaction Survey?  

There are some basic requirements you must fulfill, in order to complete this survey,

  • You must have a receipt from your last visit in any of First Watch restaurant.
  • Any mobile or Laptop with an internet connection.
  • You should be 18 years or older.
  • You are also supposed to add your annual income along with your postal code.
  • You cannot use the 15-digit code on your receipt more than once.
  • Once, you have completed the survey and get the validation code, you only have 30 days to redeem it.
  • You cannot combine any other offer with the survey offer.

How to take the First Watch Feedback Survey?  

Taking the first watch guest satisfaction survey is pretty easy. Just follow the steps given below and you will be done in 10 minutes. In order to take the survey first visit the official website of First Watch Guest Satisfaction Survey or directly go to-   

Step 1– Now, enter the 15 digit survey code given in your receipt.


Step 2–  Answer the given question as per your satisfaction.


Step 3- In this section, you are supposed to give your honest review as per your last entry.

Step 4– Now, choose whether you use the First Watch Mobile app or not.

Step 5– Finally, select your gender, age, annual income and enter your Zip/Postal code.

Step 6– As the survey is now completed, you will get a validation code along with some restrictions on how to use it. Make sure to write it down.

First Watch feedback Rewards [Win $500]

Well, basically this survey is to improve the service and performance of the company itself, but no one has time to spend on something, to get nothing in return. After the completion of the First Watch Guest Satisfaction Survey, you will be provided with a validation code. You can redeem the code in your next visit to any of the First Watch restaurant to get discounts on your next purchase. And if you are lucky enough you can also win a discount of up to $ 500.

More About First Watch

Based in University Park Florida, the First Watch is an America restaurant chain. It is one of the best American fast food restaurants and has quite a fan following for it. Established in the year 1983 by Ken Pendery and John Sullivan, it is now one of the biggest restaurant chains in America with over 6000 employees working in 200 different locations spread across 26 states.

Contact First Watch:

8027 Cooper Creek Blvd.#103

University Park FL 34201.



Final words

The First Watch Feedback is a survey conducted officially by First Watch. Completing this survey can result in several types of gifts. The main motto of conducting these surveys is to provide better product value to the customers. But always remember that, When it comes to surveys under the name of big companies like First Watch, there is always a high chance of them being fake.  Usually, these surveys are done by several marketing companies and the offers are too good to be true. So, before completing any survey just make sure that it is not a scam.

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