BigLotsSurvey: Get A Chance To Win $1000 Gift Card

Have you been to Big Lots! recently? How often do you visit Big Lots? How will you define your shopping experience? Is there something you want to change about it? or Do you have something to complain about? Answer all these questions by taking part in BigLotsSurvey and get a chance to win a $1000 gift card.


You heard it right, participate is Big Lots customer satisfaction survey and win $1000 gift cards every month through Big Lots! sweepstakes. Prove your luck and let Big Lot! so you lots of love.

This article is all about Big Lots! survey. From Why to How this article will answer every question popping in your mind.

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What is BigLotsSurvey?

Big Lots! is an American retail company that particularly specializes in selling, furniture and home decor related stuff. Well specializing in a particular industry does narrows down the competition but you have to fight for the top. With retailers like Ikea and Home Depot out in the market, Big Lots! has a lot to learn and grow. And just like there is no flute without Bamboo, there is no retailer without customers, and Big Lots! understand that.

Which is why Big Lots! has now officially conducted their guest satisfaction survey. This survey will help Big Lots! to gather customers insight on aspects like products, services, quality, quantity, hospitality, etc.  These insights will tell Big Lots! about flaws, customer demand, market status and other things they need to work on.  Using which, Big Lots! can grow big enough to fight with the big dogs. But, what do you get?

Well, it turns out that every customer who spares their five minutes completing Big lots! survey will get an entry ticket. This entry ticket will let them participate in Big Lots! monthly sweepstakes. The winner of this sweepstakes will be rewarded with a $1000 gift card to shop at Big Lots!.

Rules and Requirements


  1. To participate in the Online Survey, a recent purchase from Big Lots is mandatory.
  2. The minimum eligible age to participate in the survey is 18 years old.
  3. Only the legal residents of the 50 United States, including the District of Columbia, can participate in this survey.
  4. Big Lots Employees and their immediate family members are prohibited from taking part in this survey.
  5. You can only participate once in any given month.


  1. A recent purchase receipt from Big Lots.
  2. Basic understanding of English or Espanol.
  3. A smartphone, PC or laptop with a good internet connection.

Big Lots! Survey Guide

Step1– To participate in the survey, you must visit Big Lots! official survey site@Big Lots! Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Step2–  Now take out your receipt and enter all the necessary information asked. Use the image below for reference.


Step3–  Once all the data is filled, click on Start to begin the survey.

Step4–  Answer all the questions honestly and click on Next to proceed further in the survey.

Step5– At the end of the survey, you will have to share your personal information including a valid Email Id. Worry not, as this information will solely be used to contact you.

Step6– After you have done all that, click on Submit to finish the survey.

Big Lots! Survey Rewards

So far we have talked all about the survey, its importance for Big Lots! and how to complete it. But what’s in it for you? What happens when you complete the survey? Well as I have mentioned before, the Big Lots Survey, other than being a Customer Satisfaction Survey is also your ticket to their monthly sweepstakes. As an attempt to repay their customers and as a thank you gesture, Big Lots lets you participate in their Sweepstakes.

Anyone who participates and wins gets a $1000 gift card as a reward. This gift card can only be used when shopping at Big Lots. The sweepstakes only have one grand prize distributed six times over the course of 6 months.

The process-

The current Sweepstakes officially started on 3-February 2019 and will go on till August. At the end of each entry period(month), a winner is selected through a random drawing.  The winner will be then contacted via phone or email for verification. After the verification process, further instruction will be sent through the same method including the instruction to redeem your reward.  The winner will receive their prize within 45 days of the drawing.

More About BigLots

Back in 1982, Consolidated Stores Co. opened their first closeout store in Colombus Ohio. Earlier know as Odd Lots, these stores started spreading all over Columbus. As they started spreading out of Colombus they rebranded Odd Lots to Big Lots!.  With time, Consolidated Stores Co. slowly bough several companies and added them to the inventory making Big Lots a chain of America retail company.  In the year 2001 Consolidated Stores Co. changed there name as Big Lots! Inc.

Big Lots! Inc. today operates 1400 stores in 47 states of the US. This American retail company is famous for selling Upholstered Furniture, mattress, kitchen gadgets, home decor, package food items, etc. at an affordable price. Ranked at 525 by fortune 500, based on their revenue, they have an annual sale of $5.4 billion. Big Lots! Inc. might not be the biggest but they are the bravest, using every possible way to be the best.



Phone– 888-566-4353




Final Words

The BigLotsSurvey is a guest feedback survey, solely designed to gather customer’s insights. The gathered data surveys a greater purpose for Big Lots! as it has everything they need to work on. The rewards, however, are to attract more customer’s and to make it beneficiary for both parties.

Before participating in the survey, make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria, otherwise, it will lead to disqualification. Also always provide legitimate data and be honest about your revies. Help Big Lots! get better so they can make your Big Lots! experience even better.

With that said, that was all I could put in this article. I hope the information provided comes in handy. If you have any queries or suggestions to make, feel free to comment down below. I will try my best to reach out to you.

At last, thanks for reading this article and All the best for upcoming sweepstakes.

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